Saturday, May 8, 2010

Photos from the China International Violinmaking Competititon

Here are some photos that Gregg sent from China, where he is currently serving as a judge in the China International Violinmaking Competition.

Gregg in front of the Beijing Conservatory of Music, where the competition is being held:

Gregg, Feng Jiang, and a local Beijing violin collector standing by a Gregg Alf violin on display at the competition:

Gregg and the assistant who is helping him record the scores:

Gregg and fellow judge Ming-Jiang Zhu from China:

Photo of the competition jury panel:

Tone judges Roger Chase and Markus Stocker:

Admiring the original del Gesu violin that Gregg brought to the competition:

Trying out Gregg's violins after his lecture at the conservatory:

Gregg and Dai-Ting Chung from the Chi Mei Foundation admiring each other's violins:

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