Saturday, June 5, 2010

Celebration of Ole Bull in Bergen, Norway

Gregg is attending the Celebration of Ole Bull in Bergen, Norway, where his copy of the del Gesu "Ole Bull" violin is on display, along with 13 original late del Gesu violins (including the original Ole Bull) and other modern violins. Here are some photos from the event and from Ole Bull's house.

The old instrument expo room:

The original del Gesu "Ole Bull" violin (left) and the "Terminator" (right):

Ole Bull's house near Bergen:

Gregg and a distant grandson of Ole Bull at Ole Bull's house:

Violinmakers John Dilworth, Sam Zygmuntowicz and Gregg at Ole Bull's house:

A fjord near Ole Bull's house:

Ole Bull's bedroom with Soloman columns and ... yikes!

The view from Ole Bull's music room:

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